Can one coin make a person rich? If you give a person a load of coins, does that make him rich? –No. But what if you give them another and another and another and another. At some point, you will have to admit that no one is rich unless one coin can make him or her so.

In retrospect, that’s how one tiny habit can transform your life. It is high in the cards you may disagree, but what if you add another tiny good habit and another and another and another relative to time. …

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Once a linear regression model has been fitted at the data it doesn't end there as most people believe. You have to perform diagnostics to see how the variables reacted on the model while checking for outliers that could be affecting the line of best fit.

In this article, we are going to plot the diagnostics for the regression model using the iris dataset to check for any potential problems that could be affecting the accuracy of our model.

For plotting regression diagnostics we use plot(lm()) function that generates four diagnostic plots namely:

  1. Residual Vs Fitted
  2. Normal QQ
  3. Scale-Location
  4. Residual…

As Kenya nears the 2022 election and a referendum in between the political climate has been rough a couple of these months.

The deputy president of Kenya William Ruto seems to pull more and more people on his bid for presidency come 2022. He resonates with the indigents as he was also born in an impoverished surrounding and through hard work he penetrated to be the second in command.

One of the distinguishing characters is how much of a great orator he is, which has enabled him to attract large following of masses. Today he is actually the most followed…

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Inventory is a necessary evil that every organisation big or small should have at just the right quantity and at the right time. This brings about different INVENTORY CONTROL TECHNIQUES that we can levearage on for the best inventory control measure mitigating through costs associated with understocking or overstocking.

Benefits of Inventory Analysis

First of all, some of the reasons why Inventory Analysis is so important is because purchasing is the biggest expense in any given organisation. Additionally, an Inventory Analysis, along with the classification of your products, can help improve your policies for better Inventory Control.

I expound on…

Privacy; the current currency

Augmented intelligence as good as it comes to personalize our lives and make them better demands much of our privacy in exchange. Are there limits to it?

Sometimes we claim that we are all about being private and all (even our instagram account is private) but what we do on the internet diminishes the former — the privacy paradox.

Hold on. It’s not that it’s your fault anyway, the majority of us are caught up unconsciously.

At the moment, the most persuasive explanation of it is what psychologists call “privacy calculus”, the idea that social media users understand the tradeoff between losing privacy and the benefits they get from using services that undermine it and regard the latter as outweighing the former.

The demographic variable has been…

Social platforms are designed to monopolize attention. Begins with manipulation of one individual then another and another and another….

“Where do you get your news,” I asked my green dyed hair-Latino friend seated on the other side of the table.

“I get all my news from Facebook and twitter, anything happens you will definitely get the updates there,” he answered rather too confident about the clarity he gets.

I hesitated to continue the conversation once I realized my friend has been caught in the social media bubble of tailored algorithms that run the platforms. …

The Evolution Of the disapproving scale of Average

For a long time man has been living in accordance to an artificial scale created by American psychologists that defines the realm of living –averagianism scale. The society adopted and now everything you do is judged according to that scale, disregarding individual’s prospects and nature. If you are surpassing people’s expectations you are considered above average if not you may land on average or below average on the scale which uses timelines on what others are or have been able to do at your age.

Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet (1796–1874)

They say nothing is new under the…

Dreams and rims driving tesla forward

Despite making losses each and every year, the Tesla automaker company founded in 2003 by Elon Musk has thrilled many when it comes to its stock prices, having risen from $17 in 2010 to $500 in 2020. Using discounted cash flow model which uses a company’s future cash flow to calculate its value it states otherwise — a negative valuation. And why is tesla’s stock value impervious of that model? Is it a case of over-valuation? –Let’s divulge.

The company was named after Nikola Tesla a giant innovator in electric and robotics. Its main…

“The only thing that is constant is change” –and that’s the realm we are bodily in. Professions now have shelf lives due to the influence of external environment of impulsive, unpredictable and transformative technological advancements. Change, change, change –you might have to consider implications change, has on you. Here are some hard facts for you to check-in and crack by.

According to UNICEF close to 130 million babies were born last year into the data economy, never has data been so important. Actually as we speak 60 babies have been born in the US; 244 babies in China; 351 babies…

With rise of technological advancements many jobs that weren’t inexistence a decade ago caught the market by surprise leading to urgent need for those skills. Among them are as follows:


Data science is the process of collecting and analyzing data for it to tell a story in order to solve problems through strategic recommendations. Basically, a data scientist is someone who knows statistics more than a software engineer and knows programming more than any statistician.


User interface (UI) is the series of screens, pages, and visual elements — like buttons and icons — that…

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