Social platforms are designed to monopolize attention. Begins with manipulation of one individual then another and another and another….

“Where do you get your news,” I asked my green dyed hair-Latino friend seated on the other side of the table.

“I get all my news from Facebook and twitter, anything happens you will definitely get the updates there,” he answered rather too confident about the clarity he gets.

I hesitated to continue the conversation once I realized my friend has been caught in the social media bubble of tailored algorithms that run the platforms. I went ahead to explain to him how his whole life is trapped in a bubble intuitively.

Social media platforms were created to bring a decentralized platform where you can interact and connect with your friends. Essentially the creators didn’t have content to put there, therefore their algorithms mainly rely on what you write, share and post. Algorithms by every means are biased. If you like a Messi photo on Facebook, you will surely see a lot about Messi on your feed than before. Social media platforms are designed to monopolize attention and what you do it’s used against you unconsciously. Am sure we all have had those “just five minutes then I log-out” moments then you end up spending hours and hours on Facebook or twitter.

What you like is what you see and what you will interact with is what you get. Don’t you think that’s way biased when it comes to News? If you like a Donald Trump’s photo be sure the algorithms will milk as many news about Donald Trump to your feed as possible. You have never liked a Biden photo “cause you don’t support him anyway” meaning you will never see about him on your feed. The algorithms don’t want you to get out of their platform so they have to compete for your attention by giving you what you like. Now that’s a DOME, when will you ever get to know Biden and his manifestos and truth? You can’t see that on your feed and you don’t watch TV — bias. Surely as a Source of news don’t you think social media is biased and puts you in a bubble?

Traditional sources such as TV continue to remain the best sources of news even if you discredit them with your inconvenience theories. Their credibility is top notch and you will always get both sides of a story, you will even know about a Kenyan footballer Micheal Olunga who scored 7 goals in one game in a Chinese league — the sports bulletin. Social media platforms will never bring something at of the blues for you to see if it’s not in your data profile which is mined real-time. For all this to happen data is involved, did you know that the value of data surpassed oil last year?

Social media has not once, not twice, not thrice being used for democracy manipulation through psychology micro-targeting by Cambridge Analytica for democracies in US — 2016, Kenya-2013, Trinidad-2009, Malaysia — 2013, Argentina -2015 and even Brexit. The now liquidated company did micro-targeting campaigns for its clients by manipulating you through a psychology analysis done to know your weakness. The ad you see is not the same as another might see down south due to jaggedness in data profiles. It all begins with the manipulation of one individual then another and another and another. In 2016, Trump’s campaign run 5.9 million visual ads on Facebook in contrast to Hillary Clinton’s 66,000. This was not just a mere campaign strategy , fake news was enforced according to the 5000 data points Cambridge Analytica had on each American voter to manipulate them against Hillary Clinton.

Fake news is now a billion-dollar industry, the probability that you have been manipulated by fake news is off the roof, and do you think Facebook and twitter is the best place to get your news? — you decide. Now that you know better you must do better.

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