Doesn’t work like that

“Most people think of what they could do if they had a million dollars but few rarely think of how they could make a million dollars”, and that makes a difference.

Don’t get me wrong. Positive thinking isn’t that bad at all, I mean it is better than negativity — Right? But the truth is positive thinking actually drains energy from you when you are busy ruminating about the future and how beautiful the world should align to your imagined outcomes. You draw all your emotions into that one thing you want to achieve through mental imagination and probably leave it at there. I brand them fancies but are presented to us as hope. Reality will check in — don’t you worry.

Research has shown that a lot of people think positively about future outcomes they want for themselves, but often achieve nothing out of it. It’s all but a fantasy (maybe most are combatants at fantasy football league), pun-totally intended. For instance, an overweight sees him/herself in a well-built medium sized body in the near future (positive thinking). A colleague visualizes promotion coming his/her way but you end up getting the promotion instead, another romanticizes about having a brand new Tesla Model S but you end up buying the car cause you are the one who got promoted. The difference might be because one visualized and kept hoping it will come to happen but the other visualized and put strategic plans to achieve the latter.

What am trying to say really, positive thinking does not work unless your put WOOP strategy to it.


You first have to wish, which obviously we all are good at, see the outcome reflecting in your life. Sadly, this is where most people bog at and that makes it nothing but fictional. You have to then think of the obstacles (hurdles of life) that will come on your way before achieving your goal. This is like a mental and emotional pep talk to your imaginations “it’s not easy, but we must do all it takes”. Life at times is not a smooth sea, there has to be delimiting factors that try to squash your dreams, you being prepared to conquer them — it’s a plus. Finally, have a plan for achieving the outcome you envision yourself at. Let it be S-M-A-R-T; Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely.

This will happen when you incorporate all these into your positive thinking mechanism

· Your mental associations will be strengthen

· You will have increased energy and motivation to get going

· You will have better performance.

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